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Our Spring 5k

Posted 6/11/2013 | GOTR

In May, I watched more than 600 pink shirts take over the UI Dental Lot and my heart almost exploded with happiness and pride! We participated in the Ronald McDonald House 5k in Iowa City as the final celebration of our Spring 2013 program. This was our biggest season yet, with just over 100 coaches and just over 300 girls participating, and it took my breath away! With all those girls and coaches, plus parents and Running Buddies, it was a heartwarming site. As we formed a giant circle and gave out some Spirit Awards to coaches, Running Buddies and finally to the girls themselves, I was amazed at what an outstanding energy filled the air. I will never forget shouting into the bullhorn, inviting our girls to step forward, and watching hundreds of them, some shy, some exuberant, some with bright bandanas, some with tutus, some with silly socks, some with pink stripes in their hair, take a step forward and then look around at each other proudly.

It was the perfect day for a race, not too hot and not too cold, and it was a joy to join with our community in celebration of these girls and their abilities. I felt a real connection to some of our Girls on the Run core values and focus words as I watched coaches give their girls medals at the finish line:

empowerment, responsibility, optimism, intentionality, diversity, connectedness, joy. Gratitude, open-hearted, nurturing, healthy, compassionate.

Great day, great program, great people, great potential!

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