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Week 8: Choosing Our Friends and The Media

Posted 4/17/2015 | GOTR

By: Olivia Kaiser, Spring 2015 Intern

A beautiful week led to make-up practice 5K’s, outside practices, and a whole lot of fun. For all the teams who were able to get their practice 5K in last week, they were able to focus on both of this week’s lessons about choosing friends and how media portrays women and girls.

 It’s Okay to Choose Our Friends

 This lesson was about identifying qualities to look for in our friends and how to be a good friend ourselves. The girls used the “Stop Breathe Listen and Respond” method to determine whether a potential friend will be a positive or negative one. Girls in this age group are starting to decide what they do and do not like in a friend, but they also feel pressured to be friends with certain people. GOTR includes this lesson to teach the girls that it is okay to not like certain qualities and not want to take part in certain behaviors.

 Tuning Into a New Message

 Kids today deal with more media images than ever before. They are told what to eat, what to wear, what size they should be, and this affects everyone—especially girls. This lesson was designed to teach the girls to really look at the advertisements around them and decide if it is a healthy portrayal or not. They learned this by getting into groups and looking at magazine or online advertisements and talking about the aim, the audience, and whether it was positive or negative and why. GOTR wants these girls to critically think about what they are seeing and realize that just because an ad says you need to lose weight or wear a certain kind of clothing doesn’t mean you have to. This TED Talk has former model, Cameron Russell, talk about the media and the image of women—check it out.

 Keep It Going

 It is so important to continue this conversation with your daughter. These girls are heading into the critical time where pressure, friends, and ideals of what they should look like really come into play. Talk about the ads that are shown on television, and ask her about her favorite qualities in a friend.

 Looking Ahead

 Next week the girls will begin planning their community service project as well as learning about their community.

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