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Stay Connected This Summer! Real Beauty

Posted 7/22/2015 | GOTR

Week 3

At Girls on the Run we talk about real beauty coming from the inside, and we identify the qualities that make someone beautiful, such as honesty or compassion. This week, look for real beauty in the people around you, and when you see them, tell them! “I think you’re beautiful because you’re smart!” Or “I think you’re beautiful because you’re kind!” Some people might be shocked because they are used to defining beauty by physical terms, so take the opportunity to explain what you think real beauty is.

Here’s a list of real beauty qualities. Add some of your own to the list.

Honest, loving, accepting, positive, kind, respectful, compassionate, smart, healthy, helpful, confident, sharing and encouraging.

Variation: Make a list of your real beauty qualities, put them on a sticky note and paste in on your mirror so you can read it every morning for a week!

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