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Stay Connected This Summer! Small Acts of Kindness

Posted 8/12/2015 | GOTR

Week 5

You and your team created positive change during the season by designing and implementing the community impact project. Here’s a new twist: try doing small acts of kindness each day. These could be as simple as unloading the dishwasher without being asked, helping your sibling with his summer reading, noticing your elderly neighbor’s lawn is overgrown and volunteering to cut it, saying hello and thank you to the cashier at the grocery story, texting a friend you haven’t seen in a while and saying you miss that person. Small kind acts can have a great and powerful impact on others. Plus, when you do something kind for someone, they feel good and do something kind for someone else. It’s like a tidal wave of goodness! Here are some good ideas to help get you started.

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