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Donor Spotlight: Deborah Hayes

Deborah Hays is our donor spotlight for March! Deborah moved to Iowa City three years ago. She found Girls on the Run during a river walk with her husband– there were chalk markings along the path with messages of support for girls who had raced. Deborah found the messages “so positive and so motivating”, and she wanted to know more about the organization that had put them there– which led her to Girls on the Run!

Deborah is deeply connected to Girls on the Run– she has been surrounded by women her whole life, and has always had running in her family. One of the things she loves about Girls on the Run is that GOTR helps inspire girls to do their dreams. She finds it amazing that “They have the ability, they have the shirts, they have the materials, the funding to be able to pursue something they want to do”. 

GOTR’s commitment to empowering girls is a large part of the reason Deborah donates. She says “Girls need the motivation, they need the support. And they need a comfort net, like a support net, and that’s what I’m hoping we can provide, is a sense of support for the girls to pursue their passion”. Another reason she donates is tied to her own experience– at an all-women’s college, Deborah “was told [she] can do anything [she] want to do" and believes "girls need to hear that. Often. ‘Cause they can. They can do anything they put their minds to.”

Deborah and her husband are incredible, valued members of our Girls on the Run Community. Deborah shares that “[she is] hoping to keep this going as far forward as possible, supporting this organization and to keep girls running and motivated and supported. We’re in it for the long haul.”

We are so grateful to have Deborah and her husband with us!

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