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Hello, Superstar!

Girls on the Run (GOTR) has always been a transformative program for young girls by providing them with life skills, self-confidence, and a strong sense of community. The heartbeat of GOTR remains the same, but we're excited to unveil three new versions of our curriculum for 3rd-5th graders over the next two years.

Each version follows a different, important theme:

• confidence to be ourselves
• confidence to do hard things
• confidence to use our voices and speak up for ourselves and others

Starting in the Spring 2024 season, Girls on the Run participants will find their inner strength to shine in their own way. Welcome to the world of Hello, Superstar!

What's New in the Curriculum?

Key Theme
One of the standout features in the first version of updated curriculum is the theme - "Hello, Superstar!" This theme adds a tangible connection to the lessons and the concept of having the confidence to be yourself while encouraging others to do the same. The theme celebrates the uniqueness and individuality of each girl, fostering a sense of self-worth that will last a lifetime.

Fresh Lessons, Activities, and Games
It’s filled with brand new lessons, engaging activities, and fun games that make the learning experience even more enjoyable. These additions ensure that Girls on the Run remains a program that girls look forward to participating in while gaining valuable life skills.

Relevance and Accessibility
It’s designed to bring core GOTR topics to life with lessons and activities that are not only relevant to today's world but also accessible to a diverse range of girls. We've achieved this by engaging experts throughout the development process and elevating the unique experiences and challenges that girls face today.

Hello, Superstar! is a thrilling new chapter in the Girls on the Run story. The curriculum's evolution and updates are a testament to our commitment to making a positive impact in the lives of girls while embracing the ever-changing world they navigate. We're excited to embark on this new journey with our young superstars, and we can't wait to see the incredible transformations that await them.

Frequently Asked Questions

How was the curriculum developed?
Girls on the Run International developed these updated versions over several years based on extensive evaluation and feedback from participants, caregivers, and coaches; input from experts in the field during every stage of the curriculum design and development; and prototyping and piloting with a representative group of participants and coaches across the United States.

Will there still be a Community Impact Project and end-of-season 5K?
Absolutely. While the curriculum has been updated and improved, the core GOTR lesson structure, lesson topics, and key program fundamentals are still there. 

We love the GOTR program! Why did it need to change?
This is still the same GOTR program you know and love! However, the last suite of curriculum was written in 2016 and 2017. The updates in the new versions of the curriculum were driven by the commitment to ensuring the program is as relevant, accessible, and inclusive as possible for today's girls.

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