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Passing the Baton: Executive Director Transition

As we often say at Girls on the Run, "the finish line is just the beginning". Our executive director, Abbie Reuter has announced her plans to depart GOTR later this spring to pursue new opportunities and we are giving her a huge energy award to celebrate the impact she's had on our council. Abbie’s leadership and guidance as Executive Director have shaped our team in so many ways and we'll truly miss her energy and passion for developing  girls. Her presence will continue to have an impact on the organization moving forward. 

During her time, Abbie has helped train and mentor hundreds of coaches and volunteers at over 30 sites across Eastern Iowa. She was also instrumental in helping us impact over 10,000 girls, navigating us towards a return to pre-COVID numbers for our area. Abbie recently led our Council in the pilot of National Coach Training 2.0, increasing the coach experience and decreasing seat time and secured funding to upgrade our curriculum so that GOTR participants have the most relevant, engaging and impactful program experience. We are grateful for all she has done and will continue to do to better the Girls on the Run experience. 


What now?

Looking ahead, we are excited for the future of Girls on the Run Eastern Iowa and the impact a new Executive Director will have. We have opened the search process, so if you or someone you know would be a superstar leading Girls on the Run Eastern Iowa you can find the job description and application here

Finally, I want to assure you that Girls on the Run Eastern Iowa is excited to continue to inspire individuals of all abilities to discover, build, and grow their self-confidence as we navigate this transition. Our organization is resilient, much like the participants in our program, and we will continue to provide a blend of physical activity with life skill development, including managing emotions, fostering friendships, and expressing empathy.

We encourage you to leave your well wishes for our outgoing director, Abbie Reuter, on this Kudoboard. If you’d like to make a donation in honor of our Executive Director, click here


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