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Celebrating 10,000 Girls Served!

With the start of the spring season, Girls on the Run of Eastern Iowa is celebrating the amazing milestone of serving 10,000+ girls across Eastern Iowa.

We are beyond grateful to have contributed to the lives of 10,000 girls since 2007. It has us thinking about the individual experiences and stories of the girls who have come through the program over the years and the impact they, in turn, have made in the lives of their friends, families, and communities.  

Last season we asked kiddos what they learned about themselves at Girls on the Run. Here’s what a few of them had to say:

“That I’m important and I am supported and loved.”
“I learned I can do hard things and grow and be more active. It helped my soccer!”
“Working as a team we can support other people who need help in our community. I had fun doing the bake sale.”
“That I can speak up.”
“That I can run a 5K and how to push myself when it gets hard.”

We are celebrating this huge milestone in a few different ways and we invite you to join us!

Share Your GOTR Story! 

Whether you're a participant, volunteer, parent/guardian, alumna, or just a friend of GOTR, you've been impacted by GOTR in some way. Your story can inspire girls to unleash their limitless potential and boldly pursue their dreams. You can share your story here!

Join us for our Spring 5K!

Come join us for the happiest 5K there is on May 6, 2023 at Riverfront Crossings Park in Iowa City! This season's 5K is all about breathing, believing, and gathering as a community to celebrate the accomplishments of every GOTR participant. No matter your pace, there is a spot for you and your magic at the 5K starting line. Share the news with family, friends, and fellow community members. When it comes to the starting line, more is definitely merrier! Learn more and register for the 5K here.

Interested in volunteering at the 5K? You can sign up here.
Can't join us in person? You can also register for our Virtual 5K.

Invest in 10,000 More!

In honor of 15 years and 10,000 girls, we are working to raise $25,000. Consider making a donation, becoming a SoleMate, or starting your own fundraiser help us sustain our efforts to be there for the girls in our community.

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