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Week One: It’s a Wrap!

Posted 2/20/2015 | GOTR

By: Olivia Kaiser, Spring 2015 Intern

 The first week of practice has come to a close, and boy was it full of fun, laughter, and more fun! The girls are energetic and so excited about this season, creating friendships, and the 5K May 2!

 Getting to know you, getting to know all about you…Day One:

 The first day of practice is always the craziest! The girls got to learn about how Girls on the Run got started by Molly Barker in 1996 and what her mission was for all of them—be strong, wise and beautiful because you are! Then the girls and coaches played games to introduce each other such as name games and a workout focusing on everyone’s personal interests.

 “Plugging into the GOTR Cord”…Day Two:

 Day two involved teaching the girls the concept of visualization and ways they can use their imagination to overcome negative messages they may get from peers: “You’re not pretty, you’re not popular, you’re not cool,” and so on. By taking these negative messages, or the negative cord, and replacing it with the positive GOTR cord, the girls learned the importance of being positive and how life is constantly changing, so being self-aware throughout the process is essential!

 Keep it Going:

For parents and caregivers, it’s always a great idea to talk about GOTR and the lessons learned once your girl gets home. One way you can do this is have your girl teach you what she learned at practice that day, whether it is the fun name game they learned or how to plug in the positive GOTR cord and letting go of the negative one.

  Looking Ahead:

Next week GOTR will be focusing on teamwork, attitudes and actions, and positive self-talk!


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