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Week Two: Why we choose to be a positive Girl on the Run!

Posted 2/27/2015 | GOTR

By: Olivia Kaiser, Spring 2015 Intern

It’s as if winter will never end! The second week of practice was a cold and snowy one, causing many of our awesome schools to cancel all after-school activities including GOTR. While all the coaches and girls were bummed, most schools were able to get in at least one practice and talk about what it means to be a Girl on the Run and why we choose to be one!

The girls talked about what they thought it meant to be a GOTR, brainstorming ideas such as being positive, making healthy decisions, expressing emotions, and believing in themselves. The girls then got to put these ideas into use during their warmup and work out.

The young ladies got a pretty good workout in with running, skipping, walking, and anything else that kept them moving forward. After about two minutes, the girls went with their team to a designated “station” and an activity. The activities ranged from fun riddles, to push-ups, to striking a confident pose!

Choosing Positive Self-Talk

Some schools got to this lesson and some did not—thanks a lot, Mother Nature! But, the importance of positive self-talk in today’s society, especially in young girls, needs to be recognized.

Girls’ dissatisfaction with their body and self-image first plummets at an alarmingly young age of 10. An article on the NYC Girl’s Project website ( ) discusses the issues that girls face such as seeing unrealistic photographs of models, bullying, obesity, eating disorders, and smoking.

During our GOTR lesson on positive self-talk, the girls discuss what positive and negative self-talk look like and sound like, and then decide on a rule to keep it positive, such as a funny sound or phrase when they catch themselves or others talking negatively. Additionally, the girls talked about how their self-talk is outside of GOTR practice and the importance of knowing their own value.

Keep It Going:

At home, keep these positive self-affirmations going! Have your daughter say one positive thing about herself to you before she goes to school, when she gets home, before she goes to bed. Have her write them on a piece of paper and hang them in her room. Talk to her about how her positive self-talk makes her a Girl on the Run.

This YouTube video, though silly and adorable, is right on target when it comes to positive self-talk. So, check it out!

Looking Ahead:

Next week, GOTR will be focusing on healthy habits, and understanding our emotions!


Any girls who want to register for GOTREI need to do so before March 1! So, let your friends know and we will see you at practice! J

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