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Week Three: Being Physically and Emotionally Healthy

Posted 3/6/2015 | GOTR

By: Olivia Kaiser, Spring 2015 Intern

 I don’t know about all of you, but I’m ready for this winter spell to be over—enough with the ice storms, Elsa! We had a few schools miss practice this week thanks to Mother Nature, but looking ahead the weather should start shaping up soon!

 This week was all about being an emotionally and physically healthy Girl on the Run. The girls learned about what it means to pace themselves and find balance, as well as that having an emotion is what it means to be human.

 Fueling Our Healthy Pace

 During this lesson, the coaches taught the girls about the importance of regular physical activity, eating healthy, and maintaining healthy habits. The girls learned about the different food groups and how to find balance with what they eat.

 As a warm-up, the girls were split into two teams to play a modified softball game using questions instead of balls. They could decide whether to have a single, double, triple, or home run question, with the level of difficulty corresponding. The girls answered questions that informed them that the bread group provides their bodies with energy, what it means to be dehydrated, and that it is important to eat everything in moderation.

 For their workout, the girls made a goal of how many laps they could do in a certain amount of time as decided by their coaches. Then they ranked their “healthy habit card” 1-10 after each lap. The girls were encouraged to pace themselves and to focus on their goals.

 Being Emotionally Healthy

 In this lesson, the girls explored uncomfortable emotions such as anger, sadness, and frustration, and the ways in which they should deal with them. They learned that its okay for them to have uncomfortable emotions, it is how they identify and deal with them that is important.

 The girls had the chance to act out what each emotion looked like to them, as well as work as a team to determine what emotion the coaches were acting out. For their workout, the girls were told to think about how they would feel and respond to a certain situation such as: “You really want to go to the movies with all of your friends, but your parent/caregiver won’t let you because you have adult relatives coming over to visit. It’s always boring when there’s no one your age to hang out with.”

 Check out this fun Angry Bird video about dealing with anger!

 Keep it Going!

 It is so important for parents/caregivers to not only continue discussion with their daughter about what it means to be healthy, but to also implement achievable ways to be so in the home. As a family, create a list of healthy snacks everyone would love, come up with fun physical activities to do as a group such as going on a bike ride or a hike, playing games that involve running. Check out this website for some awesome ideas!

 Looking Ahead

 Next week Girls on the Run will focus on celebrating gratitude and the importance of centering themselves and slowing down.




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