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Week Six: Gossiping and Standing Up for Myself

Posted 4/3/2015 | GOTR

By: Olivia Kaiser, Spring 2015 Intern


A beautiful week allowed the girls to be outside, enjoy the sunshine and get one step closer to our end of the season 5K on May 2! Already, next week is our practice 5k, which means if you have a Running Buddy in mind for your daughter, be sure to have them register for the 5k here! It is a $20 registration fee until April 6, but after that it goes up to $25 from April 7-May 1, and $30 on the day of the race! So be sure to sign up early! You can also still sign up to volunteer

 Standing Up for Myself

 Standing up for oneself can be difficult for adults, let alone kids, so GOTR strives to teach our girls the importance of using one’s own voice to express our feelings, wants, and needs. The girls learned this by using the “I Feel…, When You…, Because…, I Would Like for You To…” statement. Especially with the ever-evolving technology that kids use today, it is important for them to understand how to stand up for themselves and be in control. Check out this article from the Evansville Courier Press for some great ideas about how to teach your daughter how to stand up for herself.

 Gossiping Hurts Everyone

 It’s around this age that gossiping starts and rumors spread. And we all know that girls can be very vicious with their words. I myself remember a time in 6th grade that a rumor was started about me that was very hurtful and damaged my relationship with girls for a long time. Still to this day I remember exactly what was said and who said it. So, it is important for girls to understand what gossip is and how to handle it.

 The girls learned about gossip through an exercise involving toothpaste. They were asked to push out a bit of toothpaste onto a sheet of paper and then without making a mess were asked to put all of it back into the tube, leaving no trace of the extracted toothpaste. This of course was impossible, much like the effects of gossip are impossible to reverse.

 Check out this Soul Pancake video that asks people why they gossip.

 Keep It Going:

 At home, talk to your daughter about gossiping and the effects that come with it. Ask them about how they deal with gossip and talk about different ways they can stand up for themselves.

 Looking Ahead:

 Next week, GOTR will be focusing on standing up to bullying, and running our practice 5k!


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