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Week 9: Learning about Community and Designing a Community Project

Posted 4/26/2015 | GOTR

By: Olivia Kaiser, Spring 2015 Intern

We are going into our last week of practice! It is crazy how fast time flies when you’re having fun! May 2 is just around the corner, so if you haven’t signed up a running buddy for your daughter be sure to do so ASAP! You can register a running buddy or a community runner here.

If you have signed up to be a running buddy or a community runner, be sure to also check out that link to find the times and locations for pre-race packet pick-up so you can grab your race packet before Saturday!

Learning about Community

This past week, the girls learned about community--what it is, how it works, and who makes up a community. They learned about the role they play in their community and then began to talk about the community impact project they will be doing next week! The girls also discussed how their team is like its own community and did a workout to depict how working together is part of being a community—be sure to ask your daughter about it!

Community Impact Project

Each season the girls and their team do a community impact project. During this lesson, each girl got to come up with her own ideas of what the team should do. The team can do anything so long as it can happen during their practice time frame. Some girls thought of a car wash, others wanted a bake sale. Some thought handing out nice notes at school would be fun, and other liked the idea of holding a can/food/book drive to support a local organization. Regardless of the idea, they were all great, but only one could be chosen. Coaches used a variety of techniques to help the girls come to a conclusion. The main objective for this project is to keep it GIRL DRIVEN, or in other words, the girls are in charge of it all. They need to bring the supplies, talk to teachers and friends, and make a plan (with coach guidance and supervision of course). Be sure to ask you daughter what her team is doing!

Keep It Going:

Talk to your daughter about other communities she is a part of and the roles she plays in each of them. Have a family community impact project and talk about why community service is an important thing to always keep in mind.

Looking Ahead:

Next week is OUR LAST WEEK OF PRACTICE! The first lesson will be the girls doing their community impact project and the second lesson will be the End of Season Celebration!

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